Black Wax

Brazilian, no strip wax. The detoxifying properties of the vegetal charcoal besides of the soothing and anti-inflammatory action of biological hemp oil make it the ideal wax for the most delicate body areas. A 500 gr bag with six wax discs inside that allows to work with small portion of [...]
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Brazilian Line

Avocado butter, oil and milk moisturize, nourish and tone skin with anti-oxidant action enriched by Vitamins A, D and E. BIKINI and UNDERARMS Wear what you want, when you want with no worries about unwanted hairs. Thanks to Rica waxes it is possible. Avocado, Honey and Argan Oil are some [...]
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Brazilian Black Wax

Brazilian, no strip wax enriched with vegetable charcoal and biological hemp oil. It is indicated for the most delicate body areas. Vegetal charcoal It acts as a purifier and detoxifier of the skin absorbing minerals, toxins and impurities. Biological hemp oil It is a certified, biological oil rich in nutrients [...]
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